About Tamazone Workstation

Ultimate Workstation for Professional Applications

Ultimate Workstation for Professional Applications

Tamazone Workstation is one of the most powerful workstations available which can run just about any professional application. Due to its unique motherboard design and parts configuration, Tamazone can be used to not only streamline existing workflows and resolve bottlenecks but can also help users realize new possibilities in their respective fields. Additionally, Tamazone can replace computer clusters with just one system, eliminating challenges that come along with managing multiple units such as syncing software and partial failures.

Listed below are the key components of Tamazone Workstation, with a bit of explanation on what makes Tamazone stand out.

High Performance CPU

→ Tamazone comes equipped with 2 Intel® Xeon® processors designed for professional applications. Intel® Xeon® processors boast high core counts of up to 28 cores and 48 lanes of PCIe per CPU, translating to a maximum of 56 cores and 96 PCIe lanes for use with Tamazone.

Large-capacity Main Memory

→ As professional applications deal with large amounts of data, a large-capacity main memory is necessary to perform optimally. Tamazone Workstation can support a maximum capacity of 6TB of main memory with 24 cards of 256GB DDR4-2666 RAM. Tamazone’s design also allows for the simultaneous access to 6 memory cards from each CPU.

Powerful GPU

→ Tamazone Workstation offers a custom motherboard which supports up to 4 full-length, double-width PCIe x16 cards, allowing users to boost graphic processing via the installation of up to 4 high-performance GPUs.

High-speed, Large-capacity Internal Storage

→ Tamazone Workstation supports 16 NVME SSDs with capacities of up to 16TB, providing users with access to a maximum 256TB of storage. With this room for expansion, users can reap the benefits of using uncompressed data which does not require the use of CPU or GPU resources for decoding and experiences no loss of color information due to conversion of YUV and RGB color spaces, translating to more vivid playout for users.

→ Most workstations’ motherboards employ a PCIe switch to allocate PCIe lanes to the PCIe slots expanding the number of lanes to support multiple graphic cards, but as a result the PCIe switch will decrease data bandwidth between the CPU and storage. Tamazone Workstation’s custom-designed motherboard utilizes a PCIe switch on the NVMe SSD side to prevent slowdown in video transfer speed.

→ Even with the use of a PCIe switch, Tamazone Workstation boasts astounding sequential Read/Write speeds of 27.9 GB/s and 27.7 GB/s respectively using RAID configuration.

→ Where other workstations capitalize on either capacity or bandwidth, Tamazone Workstation delivers on both fronts.

Slots and Various Interfaces

→ Tamazone Workstation supports Thunderbolt™3 interface which allows for theoretical transfer speed of 40Gbps for high speed transfer of content to and from external storage devices. A dedicated terminal has included on Tamazone’s motherboard to support the Thunderbolt™3 interface (addition of expansion card to PCIe slot necessary for use).

→ Additionally, Tamazone Workstation is equipped with one USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-A port and one USB 3.1 Gen 2 type-C port which enable theoretical transfer speed of 10Gbps, along with 4 USB 3.0 ports.

*Thunderbolt™3, though currently functional on Tamazone workstation, is not officially supported by Intel® Xeon® processors. There is a possibility that the Thunderbolt™3 interface may not function with Intel’s future firmware and/or software updates, as well as some Thunderbolt™3 storage devices.

Key Features

● Dual Intel® Xeon® processors with maximum 56 cores and 96 PCIe lanes for blazingly fast performance

● Supports up to 4 full-length, double-height PCIe x16 cards, allowing for the installation of up to 4 high-performance GPUs

● Dedicated built-in power supply for up to 4 high-performance GPUs

● Maximum 6TB of main memory for buffering more data

● Maximum 256TB internal storage using NVMe SSDs for pulling large data from storage to CPU

● Custom-designed motherboard utilizing a PCIe switch on the NVMe SSD side rather than the PCIe slot side to prevent slowdown in video transfer speed.

● Various interfaces including Thunderbolt™ for high-speed data transfer to external storage

● Redundant power supply

General Specifications

5U Chassis, 28.7”(L)×18.0”(H)×8.54”(W)
Purley Platform, 16.7” ×15.7”
Intel® Xeon® Processor×2
DDR4-2666 8GB×24
C: drive
Intel® 512GB NVMe SSD
D: drive
2.5” U.2 NVMe SSD×16
PCIe Slot
Slot 1: PCIe Gen3×16
Slot 2: PCIe Gen3×16
Slot 3: PCIe Gen3×16
Slot 4: PCIe Gen3×16
Slot 5: PCIe Gen3×4 (DMI)
1GbE RJ45 Ethernet
1GbE RJ45 Management Ethernet
Rear Panel Interface
USB 3.0 Port×4
USB 2.0 Port×2
1GbE R45 Ethernet×1
1GbE R45 Management Ethernet×1
VGA Port×1
Front Panel Interface
USB 3.1 Gen2 type-A×1
USB 2.0 Port×2
USB 3.1 Gen2 type-C×1
Power Button×1
Reset Button×1
SD 4.0 Card Reader×1
(3)2+1 1300W Redundant high-efficiency PSU (Input: 90-240V)
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

*CPU, GPU, memory, and storage are customizable.